Chamomile & Lavender Electuary
Chamomile & Lavender Electuary

Chamomile & Lavender Electuary

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8oz / 240ml

These Electuaries, or herbed honeys, are a delicious and easy way to get the all the benefits of herbs! They are packed with freshly cured and powdered herbs, mostly from our garden along with local, unpasteurized honey. Electuaries don't need to be strained but rather left to develop body and flavour the longer they sit and are used by the spoonful. 


Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, soothes the nerves, provides calm, aids in anxiety and sleep, aids in the relief of muscle spams, boosts the immune system and helps with digestion. It is also gentle enough for all ages. 

Lavender is anti-inflammatory, promotes calm by soothing the nerves, reduces stress + anxiety and may ease mild pain. 

Raw Honey is high in anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti fungal, soothes sore throats and is loaded with phytonutrients. 

USAGE: Add a tsp to a cup of hot water, tea, milk or milk alternative. Alternatively, take it straight or on a piece of buttered bread :)


Bloem Philosophy

Our small batch products are made with orgranic herbs and crafted in an unapologetically slow and time honoured way. No preservatives, no added fragrance, no emulsifiers.

Just simple plant based formulations akin to those made in the kitchens of our great grandmothers.

Made in Kimberly Ontario