Heirloom Leaves + Tigergrass
Heirloom Leaves + Tigergrass

Heirloom Leaves + Tigergrass

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This scent is perfect for you if you enjoy fresh herbal fragrances.

top: lemon, tomato leaves
middle: jasmine, basil leaves, fern
base: tigergrass, argan tree

strength: medium

Candles are 9.67 oz of virgin-coconut soy wax

Burn time of 45-55 hours

Each glowvine candle comes with a plantable dust cover filled with wildflower seeds!


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All vessels are hand-made from jesmonite, an eco-friendly and non-toxic material.

Each one is hand-poured into a mould, making them totally unique so, please use the photo as a reference, as no two glowvine vessels are the same. Colour may differ slightly.

8cm wide x 8.9cm tall