Luna Necklace
Luna Necklace

Luna Necklace

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As mesmerizing as the Moon itself, this necklace features a glowing Moonstone. Admire it's subtle flash of blue as it sways and rests on your chest. Not only beautiful, but a protective stone as well. 

  • 8x6mm Emerald cut Moonstone (Ethically-sourced)
  • Pendant is handmade with 18K Gold-plated Recycled brass 
  • Chain in 14K Gold-fill

General Care

Fair recommends taking your jewelry off before gardening, engaging in sports/outdoor activities, and swimming. Avoid contact with rough surfaces. 

Try to avoid storing your jewelry with other pieces --they can get entangled which will lead to a headache and breaking of your precious jewelry. When storing your silver/gold-plated/gold-filled jewelry, use an airtight plastic bag, like a Zip-loc.  Adding a silica pack to the airtight bag, will help prevent your pieces from tarnishing. *Silica packs are normally found when you purchase new clothes/shoes.  Be aware that hand sanitizer can be damaging to some jewellery