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Rose + Hibiscus Bath Salts

Rose + Hibiscus Bath Salts

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Dream on in this pink bliss

15oz / 430g

Soothing and connecting. This blend of salt and herbs lifts the heart and mind while rooting deeply. A blend of herbs for calming and centring while setting the stage for a deep and delicious sleep.

*Please note that this item is packaged in a glass bottle with cap :)


Rose opens hearts and allows emotions passage out of the body.

Hibiscus is not only high in vitamins but opens pathways and creates a sense of pure luxury.

Mugwort among many things, promotes lucid dreams.

Oats add a little extra grounding and skin nourishing.

*Contains Dead Sea Salts + baking soda


 Pour 1/4 - 1/2 cup of salts in a lovely bath and soak. A small cotton pouch is provided for ease of use. 


Bloem Botanicals Philosophy:

Our small batch products are made with orgranic herbs and crafted in an unapologetically slow and time honoured way. No preservatives, no added fragrance, no emulsifiers.

Just simple plant based formulations akin to those made in the kitchens of our great grandmothers.


Made in Kimberly Ontario