Wild Meadow Body Butter

Wild Meadow Body Butter

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Pure Lusciousness
6oz / 177ml

A light and luscious whipped body butter to deeply hydrate dry or cracked skin. This is a very rich butter, soft like a cream and a little goes a long way!  So great to rub this into dry hands, neglected feet or legs when they're especially dry.  This product can also be used as a super hydrating lip balm when they're especially chapped. 

Sarah from Bloem Botanicals harvested the Calendula from plants she grew from seed several years ago and keep coming back to fill my garden with golden blooms. The other flowers were wild crafted from the edge of the forests and rivers around me. 

This butter contains no emulsifiers, added fragrance or preservatives



Calendula reduces inflammation, fights fungal infections, heals wounds and deeply nourishes dry, rashy and scaly skin.

Self Heal is helpful as an anti-inflammatory painkiller, aids in lymphatic drainage and is incredibly wound healing. 

Purple Loosestrife is used to treat varicose veins, eczema, sores and wounds and is a cooling astringent. 

New England Aster has been used to treat dry, irritated skin and is both anti-inflammatory and astringent. 

Organic Shea Butter is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, soothing, toning and moisturizing for the skin. 

Organic Cocoa Butter is superiorly hydrating and may improve skin elasticity. 

*Contains Avocado oil and beeswax

Apply as needed, start with just a little! Depending on how much you apply, it can take a few minutes to 20 minutes to fully absorb, so go easy!