Womb Oil

Womb Oil

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4oz / 120ml

Our womb space. Our sacred centre. All too often our wombs become symbols of pain and hurt, and no wonder with all the menstrual cramping, cysts and endometriosis. I encourage you to take some time to rest and nourish your womb, to focus your loving attention into that space while you use this Womb Oil Castor Pack. 

A castor oil pack is a long used method of treatment for cysts, fibroids and sluggish or overworked livers. Castor oil penetrates deeply and helps to break up hard tissues and move stagnation. This particular blend of herbs lends itself well to the womb, but may be used elsewhere as well. 


Motherwort supports the womb while mildly stimulating it. It promotes calm, eases menstrual cramps and promotes healthy sleep. It can help promote uterine contractions for birthing some and help ease afterbirth pains of postpartum. 

Chamomile is soothing for the nerves, anti-inflammatory and is used for easing pain. 

Castor oil packs promote circulation to the ovaries and uterus, benefiting both the eggs and easing menstrual cramping . It prevents the build of up endometrial tissues while softening endomedtrios and fibroids. Castor Oil also stimulates lymphatic drainage and looses up masses or cysts, removing toxins as deep as 8cm. 

This is a whole-plant infused oil, no preservatives, no added fragrance, no essential oils. 

This pack INCLUDES a 6x12", double layer, organic cotton fleece cloth + instruction card. 

USAGE: If you've never done a castor oil pack, don't worry, it's simple. Apply a little oil to the organic fleece cloth provided and lay over your womb. Cover with an old towel or even a plastic bag (to prevent oil stains) and lay a hot water bottle or heating pad on top. Then just take a deep breath, close your eyes and lay still for 20 min. Read a book or listen to music! Peel away the layers and place the cloth in jar or ziplock bag for later use. You can use it several times before washing. Do NOT throw in the laundry with nice things!!