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Yarrow & Rose Toner
Yarrow & Rose Toner

Yarrow & Rose Toner

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Tone, Tighten and Moisturize


This Yarrow & Rose Toner has so many uses. It's full of powerhouse skin herbs that help tone, cool and soothe. I've used this for my face as toner (it's original intention) but also use it for on-the-go bug bite treatment, wound spritz and even under my arms for a deodorizing spritz. 


Yarrow's use as a wound healer has been unsurpassed for centuries, being referred to as 'nosebleed', 'woodwort' and 'carpenter's weed' among others. This unimposing beauty has such strength as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent and mild pain reliever. Soothing inflamed, damaged or hot skin, yarrow cools and refreshes. 

Witch Hazel is a powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent herb, wonderful for tightening pores and calming skin. 

Rosehips and flowers are a powerful emotional support. She opens hearts and lifts spirits, bringing calm like a soothing rain. For skin, rose is hydrating and anti-inflammatory and packed with Vit C. She is cooling and eases the heat of sun kissed skin hot flashes. 

Plantain has been used to soothe damaged skin, moisten dry tissues, tighten pores and calm inflammation. It has incredible abilities to nourish and ease our skin and bodies. 

*Witch Hazel has the potential to irritate some moderate cases of rosacea although it can be soothing for others. If you are concerned, please reach out. 


USAGE: This toner is made with a whole plant infused witch hazel & rose distillate base. Spritz as needed after cleansing. Follow with a moisturizing serum while still damp.