Eucalyptus Sauna Body Scrub

Eucalyptus Sauna Body Scrub

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Slip into an invigorating shower filled with Australian Eucalyptus (and a hint of mint) to refresh your senses.
10 oz glass jar!! 

We love scrubs!! We like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of scruby goodness, 
so we created this....
Amazing aroma and exfoliation, gentle and effective without the oily shower tub mess.

Works just like a traditional oil-based scrub -leaves skin soft and hydrated. 
Loaded with skin loving goodness such as Sea Salt, Oat and Rice powder, botanical essential oils.

 Simply pour yourself a handful and massage into wet/damp skin in the shower, rinse. Can be used as a bath soak too, just add some to a warm bath. Slow showers and down time as ceremony. Revive your senses and tune into the vibration of nature by soaking it all in.


Ingredients (all organic):

Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, essential oils, rice powder, oat powder, jojoba.

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