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Vessel Deck
Vessel Deck

Vessel Deck

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Indulge in the soft and whimsical Vessel Oracle Deck, a treasure trove of 35 bold and easy-to-interpret cards paired with an insightful guidebook featuring concise descriptions for each card. The name "Vessel" springs from the profound concept that our hearts are vessels, cradling the deepest recesses of our emotions. These enchanting cards act as mirrors, reflecting the intricate tapestry of feelings and emotions that course through us, beckoning for our mindful attention.

Within the Vessel deck, each card encapsulates simple yet profound themes that resonate universally, touching upon the essence of love, healing, illumination, and communication. These themes serve as gentle reminders of the emotions and experiences we encounter on our journey of self-discovery and self-care.

These cards harmonize seamlessly with other divination practices, such as tarot readings, or stand beautifully alone in a one or three-card reading. When intertwined with your spiritual explorations, the Vessel Oracle Deck unveils its unique power to guide, inspire, and illuminate your path.

Delve into the world of the Vessel Oracle Deck with a comprehensive flip-through video hosted by Tarot Stack on YouTube.